Meanwhile DVD (2012)

Hal Hartley’s first feature film since 2006!

Customers in Europe, Asia, Africa, and parts of South America can buy the PAL DVD from Possible Films. Customers in North America can buy Meanwhile on DVD and Blu-ray from Olive Films.

Meanwhile is a riveting return to the intimate philosophical storytelling that characterizes Hartley’s cinema in the era of The Unbelievable Truth (1989), Trust (1990), Simple Men (1992), and Amateur (1994). It doesn’t drag its coattails in the romantic glory of those films, however, being fully attuned to the harsh realities of 21st century survival.” —Graham Fuller, Artinfo

Meanwhile concerns Joe Fulton, a man who can do anything, from fixing your sink to arranging international financing for a construction project. He produces online advertising and he’s written a big fat novel. He’s also a pretty good drummer. But success eludes him. Having just broken up with his girlfriend in Brooklyn, Joe walks over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan and has a troubling encounter with a women whom he suspects might jump. As he goes about his day, taking care of his own business and helping various strangers with their everyday hassles, he hears on the radio that someone has, in fact, jumped from the Brooklyn Bridge. With his bank account temporarily frozen on account of unpaid taxes, he must traverse the entire length of Manhattan to get the keys to a friend’s apartment, giving away the few dollars he has along the way. Is Joe Fulton responsible and selfless to a fault? Maybe. He is certainly the all time hardest working unsuccessful over-achiever in New York.

The film is 60 minutes long and unrated. Contains mild nudity and mild profanity. The DVD is presented in the film’s original 16:9 anamorphic widescreen aspect ratio, with a 5.1 English surround sound mix and no subtitles.